Erectile disfunction issues

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as difficulty to have your penis become firm enough to engage in sexual intercourse. Medical conditions can cause the dysfunction. Some of the more common conditions that cause erectile dysfunction include heart disease, atherosclerosis, which occurs when plaquebuild up in the vessels restrict blood flow, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Other causes of erectile dysfunction include stress, mental health illness, and certain medications.

The most noticeable symptom is the inability to achieve an erection; however, the dysfunction can also present as poor sex drive. Individuals suffering from symptoms of the dysfunction should first be evaluated by a certified physician. This can be completed with a virtual or in-house complimentary consultation. Treatments for this do vary from patient to patient. The initial steps to take to help with erectile dysfunction is to eat healthy, exercise, and reduce stress and anxiety. Overweight patients should try to lose weight with consistent exercisefor at least thirty minutes a day and several days a week.

For individuals that are frequent smokers, quitting smoking tobacco may help improve the dysfunction symptoms. This is because nicotine is a strong vasoconstrictor and will literally shut down the blood flow to all of your micro-vessels. Dysfunction may be best treated with medication. Commonly available vessel dilating medications include commonly known Viagra and Celias, will help expand the vessels in your penis and provide you an effective erection. Fortunately, this medications are no longer patented and available at reasonable fees.

You can get your erectile dysfunction medication delivered to your house following a simple phone call and virtual consultation with one of our physicians.