Best Male Abdominal Etching Technique

Male abdominal etching technique is unique and intricate, requiring awareness of the underlying abdominal musculature, skill in using advanced VASER technology, and experience in the performance high definition body contouring surgery.

Knowledge of the underlying muscles is essential if you wish to unveil underlying six-packs in men. As a body contouring surgeon, you must demonstrate intimate awareness of muscle belly shapes both in the static and dynamic states. Considering the complexity of these muscles and how they interact to form the “cut” look, this prerequisite becomes even more apparent:

  • The rectus muscles contract together to flex the abdominal torso so that you can do sit-ups.
  • The external oblique muscles allow you to turn your torso by striking the baseball with the bat, swinging at the tennis ball with your racket, or driving the ball with your golf club.
  • The serratus muscle helps you stabilize your rib cage when you strike a punch.

One of the secrets to unveiling the rectus abdominal muscles hidden under the layers of fat is to etch out what is actually there. Etching means recreating the actual muscle shapes that are typically not symmetric nor perfect rectangles. For successful abdominal muscle etching, the recreated muscles need to appear natural, which requires a combination of natural and curvy outlines. 

Sometimes, rectus muscles may be smaller when compared to their adjacent muscles or even fused at times. Successful six-pack etching is an art compared to poorly sculpted rectus muscles that appear as perfect rectangles, often termed the “ninja turtle” look.

Best Male Abdominal Etching Technique

Skill In Using Advanced VASER Technology

Abdominal etching requires the use of VASER technology since it possesses the capacity to remove fat more comprehensively than any other liposuction. Artful etching means removing the fat from the deep and superficial fat layers when necessary. 

Conventional liposuction cannulas cannot remove fat from the superficial layer because cannulas cannot physically traverse this space full of “structural support cables,” called cutaneous retinacular fibers. These cables block the free movement of larger caliber cannulas. 

In contrast, VASER probes are smaller in caliber and can traverse through both the deep and superficial fat. Treating the superficial and deep layers of fat with VASER ultrasound is done by melting the fat into a semi-liquid form. Then, the fat from both the superficial and deep fat layers is removed uniformly in contrast to conventional liposuction, where cannulas are limited in capacity to remove solid or semi-solid fat from the deep layer with more trauma, which results in more bruising, swelling, and longer recovery. By melting the fat into a liquid form, only VASER liposuction allows the fat to be removed comprehensively and uniformly.

Experience Performing High-Definition Body Contouring Surgery

Removal of fat to unveil abdominal muscles is not a routine cosmetic surgery but an art that requires extensive experience to master. Think of male abdominal sculpting as comparable to an artisan sculpting a statue. Both artists must have in-depth knowledge about the underlying anatomy to create a masterpiece.

Attention to detail is of utmost importance when sculpting the details of each muscle contour. For example, the surgeon’s non-dominant hand coordinates fat removal by pressing down on the overlying skin in a maneuver. This technique was coined by Dr. Millard and is called compression coupling. 

Another consideration is the approach to fat removal, as only five ports are used to introduce VASER probes and suction cannulas. These ports include the inframammary crease, the umbilicus, and the pubic tubercle. The linea alba is best contoured through the belly button as it provides a straight shot. Similarly, the semilunaris muscles are best approached from the inframammary crease and the pubic incisions since they provide straight shots. 

Male Abdominal Etching Technique

Perhaps the most difficult highlights to etch are the horizontal lines along the inscriptions. These lines are best approached from three separate vectors and etched perpendicularly. To be appropriately etched, the inscriptions should be palpated with the tip of the fingers preoperatively while the patient pushes hard on the examiner’s shoulder to identify their exact location. Alternatively, superficial ultrasound may be used to map out the details of the muscles.

Male Abdominal Etching Technique: Conclusion

In summary, the male abdominal etching technique is unique to high-definition liposuction and is considered the most complex body sculpting. Only with:

  • Intimate knowledge of muscle anatomy
  • Skill with the use of VASER liposuction
  • Extensive experience in the art of sculpting…

Will a surgeon achieve superior, lasting results.

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