Why Do Men Experience Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual arousal and the ability to have a successful erection are both innate and complex human behaviors. Undeniably, a successful erection is influenced by both psychological and physiologic factors. Sexual arousal is primal and critical to the survival of the fittest, as decreed by Darwin’s evolutionary theory. After all, if a man does not procreate, his genes will become eliminated from the gene pool. 

Nevertheless, male arousal may seem involuntary in your youth, but it can become increasingly more difficult as you age. This is because physiological factors become dominant influencers as you pass middle age. Physiologic factors come to play when you consider that an erection is caused by the engorgement of vascular compartments located in the shaft of your penis. Poor blood inflow and subsequent accumulation in specialized vascular compartments, called corpora, regardless of cause, result in erectile dysfunction.

 Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Unable to initiate an erection
  • Weak or soft erection
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection
  • Inability to please your partner
  • Poor climax

These signs of erectile dysfunction are observed in over 50% of men over 50. These changes typically involve a combination of psychological and physiologic factors. Psychological causes include feeling less physically appealing as you lose your youthful appearance or if you start getting out of shape as your basal metabolic rate starts to slow down. This can be compounded by a drop in your testosterone, leading to loss of lean muscle and enlargement of your belly fat.

Physiological influences are derived mainly from poor circulation. Poor circulation develops from multiple causes, including mechanical stiffening of your vessels following metabolic changes such as chronically high blood sugar levels. Fortunately, metabolic factors are treatable and involve improving your metabolic function by reducing your blood sugars by fighting insulin resistance. 

Two very effective interventions involve the use of vasodilators that expand your vessels. These include oral medications such as the popularized Viagra or Celias or, more recently, direct injections called Quad mix. If you have started to experience any of the symptoms above, you may show signs of early erectile dysfunction. It is advised that the earlier you address signs of ED, the more effective your therapy may be. 

Fortunately, most ED clients can improve their sexual performance with currently available interventions. Moreover, with the advent of Quadmix, some clients may even be curable. Please take the next step to correct ED today by contacting our staff of professionals today. We will provide you with a prompt and comprehensive plan affordable to tackle this sensitive concern.

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