How long do I take testosterone replacement therapy?

Before we discuss the length of TRT treatment, let’s review the basics of TRT

Routes for TRT administration

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) treats low testosterone or hypogonadism, a medical
condition with low or no testosterone production. There are many different ways to deliver forms
of testosterone treatment. TRT uses pills, patches, gels, and liquids. Any oral testosterone supplements are ineffective since the stomach acid will undeniably destroy the hormone before it is absorbed. Most oral dietary supplements claim TRT effects function by stimulating the body’s production of testosterone rather than directly adding testosterone.

Transdermal testosterone concentration delivery uses creams and ointments. The
most common form of TRT is transdermal. A patch delivers medication into the skin via a
chemical reaction. These patches include Androderm, Delatestryl, and Testopatch. The
disadvantage of transdermal testosterone gel delivery is that it provides variable absorption.
More effective testosterone administration requires injecting transdermal testosterone treatment
into the muscle or implanting pellets under the skin. Injectable TRT is inconvenient since it
requires regular visits to the doctor’s office at least once a week for the shots. The main
disadvantage of injection routes is that testosterone levels oscillate like a roller coaster. To
minimize the oscillation of testosterone levels, some clients visit their physician twice a week,
but this becomes very cumbersome. The more effective alternative to injections is testosterone
pellet therapy
which provides continuous testosterone levels. In addition, testosterone pellets only
has to be administered twice a year, making treatments very convenient.

How Do I get started on TRT?

Men with low testosterone often experience problems with erectile dysfunction, sexual desire,
sexual function, low energy, strength, and overall performance. Injecting or implanting
testosterone provides the most effective direct increase in the bloodstream. As a result, the
positive effects of testosterone replacement therapy include either injection or implantation of
pellets. Men who choose hormone therapy must undergo a physical exam before starting
treatment to ensure they don’t have undiagnosed conditions like prostate cancer or cardiovascular
risk. You will also require a thorough history and laboratory evaluation. Patients who receive
TRT are monitored closely to adhere to clinical guidelines. Doctors will monitor bioavailable
testosterone levels and complete scheduled follow-ups to ensure patients aren’t experiencing
potential risks and evaluate the effectiveness of testosterone therapy.

How will I be monitored, and what should I expect while on testosterone replacement

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) treats low levels of natural testosterone in men. Doctors prescribe TRT to restore normal hormone levels’ positive effects and help prevent
symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, depression, and erectile dysfunction. But TRT has been
claimed to pose long-term effects and various risks, including the hypothetical risk of
cardiovascular disease. For example, TRT may increase your blood count to abnormally high
levels, increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. So how do you know potential risks and
whether it is safe to take TRT? What precautions should you take to keep yourself healthy? How
will you be monitored, and what changes should you expect after starting TRT? Here’s
everything you need to know about TRT.

When should I start TRT?

Hypogonadism occurs when your testicles don’t produce enough testosterone. This can occur
because of advancing age, injury, or illness. If you’re experiencing the effects of hypogonadism
symptoms, including fatigue, weakness, depression, lack of energy, or sexual difficulties, you
may consider TRT. The first step in treating hypogonadism is to complete a thorough
evaluation that includes a comprehensive history, a physical examination, and a laboratory

How long do I have to take testosterone replacement therapy?

TRT is a treatment option for men experiencing low levels of natural testosterone. Testosterone
deficiency occurs naturally in older men but can also occur due to medical conditions such as
hypogonadism, pituitary tumors, testicular cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, diabetes, obesity,
and certain medications and drugs. There are several forms of TRT, including patches, gels,
subcutaneous implants, injections, and oral tablets. Each method has advantages and
disadvantages. Patches and gels are easy to administer but provide a variable and relatively short
duration of action. Injections are very effective in raising testosterone levels but require frequent
visits to the doctor. Pellets provide a longer duration of action but require minor surgery for
implantation. Today, injections and pellets are the two most effective means of receiving your
TRT. Just like Estrogen-Androgen hormone replacement therapy in women, TRT is a lifelong
treatment. This is because as men age, they will produce less and less testosterone due to atrophy
of the testes. However, you will continuously monitor your blood levels and may stop therapy if
you develop abnormalities. For example, some men may experience an increase in their blood
count. An elevated blood count may put you at increased risk of a heart attack, thus necessitating
the stoppage of TRT. Long-Term Studies show since pellet TRT uses bio-identical testosterone
hormone, stopping exogenous testosterone has not been associated with undesirable side effects
from synthetic testosterone supplements.

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