Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Men are very sensitive regarding their sexual prowess or lack thereof! Unfortunately, men are often judged by their performance in the bedroom. As such, the inability to successfully please sexual partners can be a downfall of their manhood. This lack of success is why erectile dysfunction (ED) remains the number one concern of adult males. Interestingly, 80% of men suffering from ED do not seek medical help. This lack of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment is due to the humiliating stigma associated with admitting this problem. The embarrassment of suffering from ED may have emotional and psychological repercussions that result in questioning their masculinity.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Fixable?

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is manageable. While there is no permanent cure for erectile dysfunction, the miracles of medicine allow you to address suboptimal sexual performance. There are several ways to address erectile dysfunction treatment. Current treatments including lifestyle changes, dietary improvements, and medications provide a 90%+ treatment efficacy. That is why we urge you to reach out for help if you have any concerns regarding your ED. Our comprehensive male health center allows us to conquer any sexually related concerns using a comprehensive approach. Bringing back your vitality and vigor is our priority. Current ED treatments offered by our center include

  • Dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Oral medications
  • Quad mix therapy
  • Testosterone replacement therapy

Mind Over Matter?

There is no doubt that sexual arousal is psychologically influenced. A woman that would make a heterosexual male get stomach butterflies and weak in the knees will make a homosexual male yawn and vice versa. Your mindset is critical to treating erectile dysfunction. Stress and preoccupation are killers to libido. Prolonged, focused foreplay is a good way to get you there! 

Your Diet Is Also Critical

Research has shown that eating less processed meats while increasing the consumption of fish and vegetables may lower the incidence of ED. Food recommendations include eating eggs high in the amino acid L-arginine, which helps with vascular flow and improves ED. Other foods helping with ED include blackberries, watermelon, spinach, dark leafy greens, oatmeal, pistachios, walnuts, pomegranate juice, avocado, and bananas. 

Ketosis And Intermittent Fasting

Another dietary intervention involves extreme carbohydrate restriction, known as ketosis, which promotes lowering insulin resistance. Recent research has identified glycation, or attachment of glucose to molecules and cells throughout the body, as the number one culprit of global vascular complications resulting in heart disease and ED. Combining ketosis and practicing intermittent fasting have demonstrated a synergistic effect on improving ED. We recommend that all our ED patients consider a drastic dietary and lifestyle change as laid out in our BeatIR protocol. Beat IR is a proprietary dietary and lifestyle program dedicated to helping patients improve their libido, performance, and overall health.

Oral Medications

Oral medications have recently become prevalent and affordable. Commercial sites such as Hims have taken off following the running out of patents from pharmaceutical companies; Viagra and Cialas can now be purchased for just a few dollars. This savings is a blessing considering that even as late as one year ago, a single pill of Viagra or Celias cost $50! This cost made taking these very effective medications cost-prohibitive, especially if you were sexually active several times a week.

So what are Viagra and Cialis? Viagra is a brand name for the molecule sildenafil, a vasodilator. Viagra was the first generation ED pill that gave you an erection that would start ½ hour after taking and last for several hours, regardless of whether you want to be erect. This effect made it inconvenient since you could not control your erection duration to match your social situation. Cialis was a second-generation oral medication brand name for the molecule tadalafil. Cialis had a quicker onset and acclaimed the benefit of making you erect only on command. But Cialis was even more expensive than Viagra, making it cost-prohibitive.

The advantage of oral ED medications is that they are convenient to administer and are very affordable today. The disadvantage involves long-term use since patients complain about developing tolerance with long-term use. Since the vasodilatory effects are global, meaning it affects all of your vascular highways, doubling up on the pills and taking them with other recreational drugs can be dangerous. In summary, oral ED pills are used selectively and sporadically to ensure that you can perform sexually depending on the social circumstance.

Quad Mix Injections

Quad mix injections are considered intracavernous medication injections that are injected directly into the base of the penile shaft. They are the Gold Standard in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, providing consistent and therapeutic results. The Quadmix injection comprises four molecules: papaverine, phentolamine, prostaglandin, and atropine.

  • Papaverine HCl 150 mg
  • Phentolamine mesylate 10mg
  • Prostaglandin E1 100mcg
  • Atropine Sulfate 1000 mcg

Papaverine is a potent vasodilator. Phentolamine is an antihypertensive medication that is also a strong vasodilator. Prostaglandin E1 relaxes smooth muscles lining the blood vessels resulting in vasodilation. Finally, atropine is a heart rate-altering medication that inhibits nervous system receptors and is used to treat bradycardia or low heart rate, speeding up the heart rate. In the setting of Quadmix, it is felt further to inhibit nervous system receptors responsible for smooth muscle control, thus further relaxing the blood vessels.

What makes Quadmix so effective is that it delivers potent vasodilator medications directly into the corpora or largest vascular cavity of the penis, thus avoiding global effects. Another benefit is that it works instantly, less than 15 minutes following injection, and provides a longer duration of erection that is not affected by ejaculation, thus eliminating a refractory period. The most interesting effect of Quadmix has been reported that it may be therapeutic in that it may partially correct your erectile dysfunction chronically. Reports have surfaced that men treated with Quadmix have reported requiring fewer injections with time to achieve satisfactory erections.

The use of Quadmix does require medial some medical guidance. For example, the injection technique must be reviewed and requires a self-injection into the base of the penis directed at the intracavernous cavity at a 90-degree angle. One of the reasons for the unsuccessful erection is an unintentional injection of the Quadmix into the skin rather than the vascular structures. Another caution is that Quadmix cannot be used simultaneously with an oral ED medication such as Viagra or Cialis. As you explore treatment options for erectile dysfunction, you have to choose your medications wisely.

Finally, overdosage can be detrimental to your penile tissues if prolonged erections are observed, a condition called priapism. If priapism is not resolved over 4 hours, emergent attention is required. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Although not a direct physical treatment for erectile function, testosterone replacement therapy clearly affects male libido and sexual drive. It makes you more sexually driven merely through its psychoactive properties. Remember that psychology plays a big role in erectile dysfunction. But moreover, testosterone levels, when corrected, will have beneficial metabolic effects that result in the improvement of insulin resistance via increasing growth hormone levels and reducing cortisol levels. Improving insulin resistance will directly improve microvascular blood flow and erectile dysfunction. 

You Are Not Alone

To help your sexual function, we will complete a comprehensive consultation to identify your specific triggers. Remember that at least half of the men over 50 suffer from ED to various levels, so you are not alone. Remember that the earlier you seek help, the better your chance of improving your ED. If you or your partner suffers from ED, we encourage you to take the first step to begin Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and resolve this condition by contacting us today.

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