gynecomastia liposuction candidate

Can Gynecomastia Be Treated with Liposuction?

Can gynecomastia be treated with liposuction? The answer depends on the severity of the glandular component of your gynecomastia. If the glandular component is minimal to moderate then ultrasound assisted liposuction can be used to not only remove the excess fat but also the glandular tissue. This is because he ultrasound energy is not only effective in fat removal but also capable of breaking up the firmer glandular tissues. However, when the glandular tissue is moderate to severe in extent, then direct excision of the glandular tissue is required. Direct excision requires a half circular incision that is made underneath the areola. This incision allows for excision of the glandular component directly under visual guidance. Excision of the glandular tissue must be made with great care to avoid creating a divot. As such, amount of glandular tissue removed must be gauged to avoid creation of contour irregularity. In addition to direct excision, the peripheral breast tissue is liposuctioned to remove any prominence.

Can gynecomastia be treated with liposuction? Liposuction using ultrasound assistance alone can treat 80% of patients. Only 20% of patients with a very generous glandular component will require direct excision of the glandular tissue. Finally, less than 5 % of patients may demonstrate skin redundancy and will require skin tightening. For patients with minimal to moderate skin redundancy, Renuvion J plasma can be used to tighten the skin with minimally invasive measures. This means no excision of skin and subsequently no surgical incision lines. For patients with moderate to severe skin redundancy, strategic skin excisions may be used to eliminate skin redundancy. If you are wondering whether you gynecomastia can be treated with liposuction alone, please schedule a consultation with our gynecomastia specialist.