Gynecomastia or Chest Masculinization Surgery?

Chest Masculinization Surgery

Chest Masculinization / By Arian Mowlavi

Chest masculinization surgery (Gynecomastia surgery) has become a mainstay procedure for men across the country. Gynecomastia surgery serves to flatten out the feminized chest appearance of full and rounded breasts. Men with gynecomastia may feel self-conscious when wearing T-shirts if their nipples poke through or when shirtless. The goal of gynecomastia surgery is to flatten out the male chest independent of the appearance of the adjacent abdominal region.

Men with gynecomastia are often overweight or have a beer belly as well. This is because weight gain is associated with both increase in abdominal girth as well as enlargement of the breasts. Regardless, men who are only concerned with their breasts, may or may not be interested in improving the appearance of their bellies as well. Those who are not interested in improving their abdominal appearance will benefit from merely flattening their chest with gynecomastia surgery as shown below.

However, men who are interested in improving both their chest and abdominal appearance will benefit more from chest masculinization surgery. What is chest masculinization surgery? Chest masculinization focuses on not just flattening the appearance of the chest but also creating a bold “armor plate” appearance that is harmonious with the creation of a six-pack. The creation of a six-pack requires high-definition liposuction techniques intended to create abdominal muscle highlights.

Chest Masculinization Surgery
Male ab anatomy

The creation of muscle highlights must be done in a natural manner in order to mimic a male superhero appearance. With this goal in mind, the appearance of merely a flat chest would be disharmonious. As such, chest masculinized surgery was developed by Dr. Mowlavi to provide the male client a chest that is flat, yet bold and strong in appearance.

The masculinized chest appearance requires the creation of an armor plate contour. This requires transforming a rounded and curved chest into a flat chest with linear borders in the shape of a pentagonal plateau. First, the central fullness is most prominent centrally around the nipple and areola complex. This area may require liposuction of excess fat as well as possible excision of the glandular tissue.

Next, the linear borders include the medial vertical line, the small diagonal medial line, the horizontal line, the lateral diagonal line, and the horizontal upper clavicular line have to be shaped. The central vertical line is created by suctioning the sternal line and building central pillars with fat grafting. Similarly, the lateral oblique is created by suctioning the axilla and building the lateral line with fat grafting. Finally, the horizontal lower line is created by suctioning the superior horizontal inscription line. This inscription is part of the horizontal gulleys that will be suctioned to create the six-pack of the abdomen.

In summary, the masculinized chest surgery is reserved for male clients desiring breasts that are in line with an abdomen that has been chiseled to look like a superhero. Patients who desire breast contouring are provided with both gynecomastia and masculinized chest surgery alternatives. By understanding our male client’s desires, patient’s chest surgeries will be customized to either flatten the chest or provide them an armor plate appearance.

Well defined perimeters with braes that taper into gulleys (lateral aspect borders the lateral chest cavity; lower aspect borders the upper rectus muscles; central aspect borders the sternal line) – Over the last two decades man boobs have become more prevalent throughout the United States.

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