Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Cosmetic surgery for men is unique in that it must be performed only when it is inconspicuous to others. This means that the male surgery can’t be visible to others. This is because although men are equally interested in cosmetic surgery, they are more reserved about the idea that friends or family would know about them. Men universally do not want anybody to know about any cosmetic surgery they have done. As such, when cosmetic surgery for men is performed it must be done in a discreet fashion. This requirement alone makes cosmetic surgery for men very technical. Any gained improvements must be accomplished using hidden incisions. Additionally, all improvements must be natural in appearance. For example, men do not have long hair to hide face and neck lift incision scars. As such, male face and neck lift incisions must be repaired using impeccable technique with skin incisions being void of any tension. Other considerations for male facial surgery is that men have sideburns and beard-lines that must be preserved. Additionally, cosmetic surgery for men is more difficult because male tissues are hardier. For example, their body skin is thicker and less pliable. This makes tissue manipulation, undermining,and repair more difficult. This is in contrast to female skin and soft tissues that are more delicate and easier to alter. Another example is male hair follicles that tend to be larger and as a result more vascular. When performing face and necklifts it is crucial to be meticulous when using the blade to make your incisions. All of these scenarios and differences are taken into consideration when performing cosmetic surgery for men. 

Finally, what has caught the attention of men from all over America is the advances in body contouring, called High Definition 360 Liposuction. High definition contouring is depicted by the superhero chiseled abdomen and armored chest plate. When it comes to liposuction or using the term liposuction our society and perception has swayed towards female patients. Yet, when it comes to high definition 360 liposuction the results are equally, if not better, when it is performed on male patients.

There is a simple reason for that. Males have more muscle mass and muscle volume and thus greater potential to show abdominal highlights. What makes it High Definition? The technique and the technology that is used, which is known as VASER Liposuction allows me to remove up to 15% more fat than any other available method. Therefore, you are left with literally less than 5% body fat in the areasI liposuction. So what is left over when all the fat is removed is MUSCLE AND SKIN! Since males have more muscle mass their results tend to “POP” more. Even so, if these male patients already work out but can’t get rid of that “dad bod” then their results are even better because of the hypertrophic muscle mass that has built up from years of working out. 

When it comes to high definition, it’s the technique that is most important. First, you must understand the male physiquein orderto create cosmetic plastic surgery for males. Male patients desire a flat but bold chest contour that I called the “Armor Plate” chest. You have to appreciate what males desire when they do dumbbell flies and decline benches that help define the lower, upper, and vertical boarders of the chest. This look can be achieved by fat grafting to strategic areas and liposuctioningunder the areola complex to achieve a chest that is shapedlike a plateau. Furthermore, it is important to understand the other male highlights such as a natural 6-pack, the subtle serratus and external obliques as well as the masculine back that mimics an inverted “V” look. 

Understanding the image of a male physique helps us determine how much fat needs to be removed.  As a pioneer in cosmetic surgery for men it is important to openly discuss all of these techniques so our perception of cosmetic surgery for men can change.

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