puffy nipple treatment

How To Fix Puffy Nipples?

Puffy nipples are a result of the overgrowth of the glandular tissues that then press on the external nipple and areola. Direct compression of the mammary glands on the overlying skin results in herniation of the nipple and areola. The herniation of the nipple and areolas will result in puffy nipples. Puffy nipples can not only be embarrassing but they can also become painful if they are rubbing on your clothes especially during exercise. The treatment for puffy nipples basically require excision of the prominent glandular tissue. Excision is performed through a small incision underneath the areola that is well hidden.

First, direct visual dissection of the puffy nipple is performed to isolate the prominent gland. Then, near partial removal of the glandular tissue is performed. Partial removal of the gland is performed in order to avoid creation of a divot deformity. How much gland is removed must be balanced between eliminating the puffy nipple deformity but also avoiding creation of the concavity. Degree of glandular tissue removal must be balanced with the amount of fat in the chest periphery so that a line of demarcation is not created. What is surprising about the treatment of puffy nipples is that when the glandular prominence is eliminated, the skin redundancy component of the skin redundancy is eliminated.

Elimination of the skin redundancy of the puffy nipple seems to be due to the naturally occurring recoil ability of the skin. Recoil of skin occurs due to two factors. The first, is relief of the pressure caused by the prominent glandular tissue. The second, is the naturally occurring recoil protein in between skin cells called elastin. The elastin molecule acts like a spring that tightens back down once the skin becomes loose.

In summary, if you are experiencing puffy nipples, we encourage you to make an appointment with our breast surgery specialist to complete an initial complimentary consultation. Following your consultation, you will receive a customized surgical plan and accurate quote.