How To Get Rid of Moobs?

Get Rid of Moobs

Chest Masculinization / By Arian Mowlavi

Today, we have an effective procedure to eliminate moobs. What are moobs? Moobs stand for man boobs. No it is not in the dictionary yet, but it is gaining in popularity. Moobs basically parallels the female version of a purse, now established as a murse. Moobs describe the enlargement of the male breast that is composed of increase in gland tissue and increase in fat volume that stretches out your breast skin. How to get rid of moobs? The answer is a combination of direct gland removal and, or suction of the excess fat and glandular tissue. If your moobs are mostly fat with a little bit of glandular tissue then liposuction only will be able to remove both the fat as well as the glandular tissue. If your glandular component is stronger, then you will also need a small incision that is placed under the areola to excise the glandular component.

The surgery to get rid of moobs can be performed in approximately 1 hour. This involves eliminating glandular prominence, suctioning the breast fat, and performing skin tightening when necessary. When skin redundancy is minimal, then ultrasound energy alone can help eliminate skin redundancy by a process called skin retraction. This refers to the fact small cables that keep the skin attached to the muscles called retinacular ligaments will self contract when the fat is removed from between them. When the skin is moderate in redundancy, then the novel combination of Helium plasma and radiofrequency energies can be used to heat up the collagen in those same retinacular ligaments. The heating of the collagen molecules results in a shrink wrap effect that literally tightens up the skin right before your eyes. Finally, if the skin redundancy is extreme, then skin excision may be employed. Skin excisions are created along the inframammary crease to keep surgical incision lines discreetly hidden.

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