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Why Are so Many Men Developing Gynecomastia?

The incidence of gynecomastia has been rising over the last two decades.  Gynecomastia refers to either painless or painful enlargement of the male breast tissue. Most men feel embarrassed about their breasts when their breasts grow disproportionately and become femininized. The interesting question has been, “why are so many men developing gynecomastia?” The answer to…

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Plastic Surgery for Men

You might be asking yourself why men would get plastic surgery or even consider plastic surgery. Most male patients consciously believe that plastic surgery is geared towards female patients. The matter of the fact is that they are not entirely wrong. Yes, most patients who inquire about plastic surgery are females, but I truly believe…

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Male Plastic Surgery

Today our society depicts the importance of fitness and healthy physique. Optimizing fitness and physique serve to depict success.  Individuals of all ages strive to be their best yet the demands of living a healthy lifestyle and work can conflict each other. Therefore, our work-life balance is diminished to just a work oriented spectrum. As…

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