Lacking Virility? Generic Meds Are Now Affordable

Virility is defined by having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive. A virile male is what all mates desire. It is the quintessential trait that sets men apart from women. As such a lack of virility can be construed as weakness. When testosterone levels drop, men can feel a lack in libido and even erectile dysfunction (ED). It is no surprise that the younger males, with robust testosterone levels, have no problem with erections. Yet, 50% of men are affected by erectile dysfunction by their 50’s, and 70% are affected by ED by the time they turn 70! Other causes of erectile dysfunction can be related to stress and even medically triggered by poor circulation. The net effect is poor blood flow to your penis and an inability to perform.

Fortunately, there is a quick cure of lack of virility in the form of a pill! The most popular brands include Viagra and Cialis. When taken approximately half hour before engaging in intercourse, both of these pills provide increase in blood flow preferentially to your penile tissues giving you the needed prowess to get the job done. Both of these pills work inhibiting a PDE5 receptor in blood vessel cells that result in vasodilation. Both are effective pills taken orally and have reported over 80% satisfactory reviews. Although Viagra provides a quicker onset, Cialis provides a bit longer duration of effect for upto 18 hours instead of 6 hours. In addition, Cialis is more apt to give you an erection when desired rather than a continuous erection. Unfortunately, the rate limiting factor for both of these pills was their expense. Males suffering from ED had to pay approximately 50$ every time they wanted to experience improved sexual performance. Fortunately, as of 2020, both of these medications are now available in their generic form. For Viagra, you can now order the generic form Sildenafil and for Cialis, the generic form is Tadalafil. This means you can now experience the benefits of either pill for just a couple dollars!

If you are having trouble performing with your partner, you have no excuses now. We can provide you an affordable solution so that you can perform at your maximum ability. All you need to do is follow one single convenient and confidential task. One call to our physician specialist to complete a confidential history and physical examination on line is what’s standing in your way. Following your evaluation, you will have your medications mailed to your home and you will be on your way.

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