Male Abdominal Sculpting: Want To Look Like a Super Hero?

Male abdominal sculpting has become possible only recently with the advent of liposculpture techniques. Advances in liposculpture using ultrasound assistance now allow master body sculptors the ability to carve out the details of your abdominal muscles and literally making you look like a super hero. Knowledge of the abdominal musculature has become imperative to attainingmuscle highlights that are dramatic yet natural in appearance. Creating a 3 dimensionalmuscular construct requires knowledge of muscle shape and positioning. Muscles can be best characterized by considering a geographic hill that is centrally bulky previously referred to as the “apogee” by Dr. Millard and that has slopes that taper into valleys, previously referred to as “gulleys” by Dr. Hamlet. Thegulleysare found at the bottom of and junction of the muscle bellies or hill tops. The specific muscles that can be sculpted include the rectus, external oblique, and the serratus muscles.

Power of Proper Male Abdominal Sculpting

Successful sculpting of male abdominal muscles requires unveiling the actual muscles as they appear naturally and not attempting to recreate muscles that are not there. To appreciate the above statement, I have provided the above advertisement of the male models, chosen to represent the ultimate male specimens, at the “Thunder from down Under” show at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. Even these ideal male anatomies, help you appreciate the extreme variability in anatomy and shape. For example males Males A and E demonstrate a 4 packs and Males B, C, and E demonstrate a 6 packs. More interestingly, Male D demonstrates nearly fused abdominal rectus muscles. Finally, you can appreciate that the muscles of every individual male are more different than symmetric from right to left.

Male abdominal sculpting requires accurate removal of fat to define the underlying muscle contour; this process is extremely variable and based on the actual muscle anatomy of the individual client. Sculpting of abdominal muscles requires expert sculpting ability by your surgeon and attention to considerations below:

Upper Rectus Muscle Bellies

The upper rectus muscles bellies are divided into two columns and create muscle packs. Although 6 packs are more common in men, variations of 4 packs and even 8 packs can be evident. Each rectus muscle belly is independently shaped (Males A through F).Each male demonstrates unique apogees and gulley. This variability is evident even when comparing the left and right side muscle shapes within a single individual. For example Male B demonstrates quite dramatic difference between his left and right side muscle bellies. Inscriptionsare the horizontal gulleys that separate the hill tops. The inscriptions are routinely variable in position even between the two sides(Males B,E,and F). Even the configurations can be different such as straight (Males A and C), or angled (Males B and F) or variably shaped (Male E); The inscriptions can be complete(Males A,C,andF)meaning that they extend from the lateral vertical gulley called the semilunaris line to the central vertical gulley called the linea alba or can beincomplete(Males D and E).Some muscle bellies may even be fused(Male D). The muscle bellies also have different shapes with the upper recuts pair being shorter and wider where as the lower muscle bellies are narrower and longer. Often the strongest muscle belly is usually the middle or lower muscle belly (Males A and F).

Lower Rectus Muscle Bellies

The two lowest rectus muscle bellies are located below the belly button and not separated by the linea alba gulley that stretches only from the rib cage to the belly button. The fused lower rectus muscles thus create a shield shapedmuscle belly bounded laterally by the bilateral external oblique muscles and extend down to the pubic bone.

Serratus Muscles

The serratus muscle is less variable in position as it lies right over the ribs. The serratus muscles are very thin, leaf like in girth and present with one or two rows. In addition, there may be two columns of serratus muscles present with a variable column that is staggered with the front column.
may be visible as either one or two colum; may have two front rows of 2 to 3 leaves; which may be juxtaposed by another set of posteriorly positioned serratus muscles of 2 to 3 leaves; these posterior leaves are usually staggered with the anterior muscles. Occasionally, the anterior column of the serratus muscles will fuse with the rectus muscles across the semilunaris line.

External Oblique Muscles

The paired external oblique muscles are located laterally and surround the lateral borders of the rectus muscles at the semilunaris line. These muscles extend above to the serratus muscles and below to the crest of the lateral hip. Liposculpting in this region is performed conservatively since the male waistline needs to be square and bold.

Male Abdominal Sculpting Conclusion

In summary, male abdominal sculpting requires advanced liposuction tools, intimate knowledge of male muscle anatomy, understanding of male aesthetic standards, and sculpting expertise. Achieving male abdominal muscle highlights must be achieved in a natural manner. This requires being able to visualize each male patient’s unique muscle contours while being cognizant of natural occurring muscle asymmetries and nuances. When male abdominal sculpting is performed optimally, the contouring results are spectacular allowing patients to be transformed into a real life super hero appearance!

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