Male Buttock Sculpting With Fat a New Way

For men, male buttock sculpting for a perfectly shaped butt is more than just a wish. It can be considered an essential element of a proportioned, masculine physique. 

A tapered back should ideally finish with shapely buttocks if a man has flat abs well-muscled chest that emphasizes broad shoulders. He may need liposuction to trim away unwanted fat and reveal those muscles, but suctioned fat can be used to great use.

Genetics does not always cooperate; many men have flat butts versus ideal athletic shape which is more appealing to men and women.

So male buttock sculpting begins with appreciating the unique aesthetics that define the more masculine buttock. Unlike the female buttock, which is round in appearance, the male buttock is more square-shaped. Honoring the difference in the inherent shape of men’s musculature is what constitutes a masculine result.

Specifically, the male buttock muscles are shaped more like a butterfly. This butterfly shape is best evidenced by examining the buttock appearance of male bodybuilders.

Male Buttock Sculpting With Fat Grafting

When you consider fat transfer to augment the male buttock, it is essential to consider the three regions in the buttock that are candidates for fat transfer. These include:

Male buttock sculpting
  1. The gluteus medius muscle resides in the upper lateral (sides) region. 
  2. The lower lateral part of the buttock. This area helps establish the more linear and square outline of the male buttock. Of note, the central differentiating aspect of the male buttock compared to the female buttock is the avoidance of fat grafting to the mid-buttock or lateral hip region, which results in a rounded rather than square appearance. 
  3. The central upper and middle cheek region. Adding fat to this region helps build what we regard as the rugby buttock with a solid upper ledge. 

The goal of the male buttock augmentation is to not only provide it with a square shape but to create a shelf over the upper buttock region. The male BBL is aesthetically desirable, but it is also functional for men and keeps their pants in place and prevents the embarrassing “plumbers pants”.

Male Buttock Sculpting Requires Liposuction of Lower Back and Flanks

The creation of the shelf at the upper buttocks is best appreciated by the need to establish a tight junction between the upper buttock and lower back and flanks, known as the love handle region. This contour aesthetics requires complete fat removal of the lower back and flank region, contrasting the female transition. 

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For females, the ideal contour aesthetics is a smooth transition between the upper buttock and lower back region. Thus, we maintain a transition zone between the lower back and buttock that provides a tapered appearance through the buttock and back junction. In contrast, for the male clients, the transition zone is cored out to allow for a definite discreet junction that includes a tight lower back and flank, i.e., elimination of the love handles and prominent upper buttock region.

Male Buttock Sculpting Conclusion

In summary, the male buttock sculpting with fat requires:

  • Deep knowledge of male aesthetics, which are drastically different than a female patient’s buttock aesthetics
  • Extensive experience working with male patients
  • The use of state-of-the-art methods like VASER Ultra-sound Assisted Liposuction
  • An artistic eye for proportion and shape

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