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Plastic Surgery for Men

 Male Plastic SurgeryUncategorized / By Arian Mowlavi

You might be asking yourself why men would get plastic surgery or even consider plastic surgery. Most male patients consciously believe that plastic surgery is geared towards female patients. The matter of the fact is that they are not entirely wrong. Yes, most patients who inquire about plastic surgery are females, but I truly believe that this conception is true because of how society portrays and advertises plastic surgery. When it comes to Botox injections, filler injections, or any cosmetic procedure in general, we typically see the billboard over highway 5 of luscious lips, or a Victoria Secret supermodel on a brochure in her bikini.

However, plastic surgery for males has been gaining increase in demand over the last decade. Moreover, plastic surgery on men is just as rewarding as it is for the women. That is why I have created this website; a website dedicated just for males regarding plastic surgery. For decades our plastic surgery gender breakup was 95% females and only 5% males. Interestingly, over the last few years we are seeing an uptick in male patients with up to 15 to 20 % of cases being performed on males. 

It is important to understand what type of plastic surgery for males can be considered. Because of my expertise with male patients, today, up to 1 in every 5 of my patients are male. This is because of the advances made in plastic surgery for men.  The surgeries that are most sought after are abdominal etching, chest masculinization, face and neck lift, and hair transplant. Of these surgeries abdominal male etching and chest masculinization have realized the most advances. 

When it comes to hair transplant it is self explanatory, the only real and true way to help cure male pattern baldness is with hair transplantation. Hair transplantation allows surgeons to transfer the patient’s own hair where it is full to areas of baldness. There is no glue, there is no fake patch of hair, and there is no powder fibers. In contrast, hair transplants allow for maximum optimization of hair regrowth because it is using the yourown hair. When males age not only do they lose their hair but their skin also starts to lose its elasticity and it begins to sag. The most common areas of sagging skin on a male are found on his face and neck. There is no cream, or laser treatment, or facial exercises to prevent aging skin. That is why face and neck lifts are also sought out by the majority of my male patients as they pass the age of 50.

Face and neck lifts are truly one of the most rewarding procedures for male patients. I believe that there are many factors why male patients fly from all over the world to come and complete a face and neck lift in Southern California. It is not only because of the specialized technique utilized and superior outcomes realized, but also because of the quick recovery afforded to the male patients. Specifically, the recovery period is limited to 10 days at which time you can take off your head wraps and go out to eat dinner with friends and family. This means you can go back to work after two weekends off. Our male patients will typically have their face and neck lift on a Friday and return to work the Monday after. A properly performed male face and neck lift TRULY brings you back to your mid 20-s and early 30s!

I have performed over 100s of face and neck lifts on males and time after time the most rewarding result is that my patients always state that they look like themselves when they were 25 years old. In fact, it is so true, that most of my patients bring in a picture of themselves when they were young so I can accurately and naturally bring them back to the GLORY DAYS. If you bring me an old portrait I will replicate you to younger days. This means bringing you back to the days of being the alpha male. It is very similar to what a tattoo artist would do. Imagine that you are getting a tattoo on your arm of your favorite car or hobby. The artist draws exactly what you want on your skin before he starts the actual procedure. Essentially this is exactly what I can do when I see an old picture of yourself. That is why plastic surgery for males is revolutionizing the cosmetic industry. 

Yet, the most revolutionizing procedure and the one most responsible for increasing popularity amongst males for plastic surgery abdominal etching and chest masculinization. So what exactly is abdominal etching and chest masculinization? It is the surgical procedure that we have been pioneering, called high definition body contouring for males.

What Is High Definition Body Contouring?

High definition male contouring has a two part requirement. First it must be stunning, such as the creation of six packs or an armor chest plate! A true 10 out of 10 is required for the job to be complete. The second requirement is that the body be contoured in a 360 degree fashion such that results are observed from every angle. High definition results are appreciated when girls and guys sun tanning on a sunny beachy day will turn they heads to get a glimpse of a true 6-pack and armored plate chest. That is what I mean by High Definition work.

So how exactly is this achieved? Abdominal etching uses an advanced liposuction technique branded as VASER HD Lipo. VASER is a type of liposuction tool that uses ultrasound energy to separate fat cells. More importantly it separates fat cells by the process of creating air pockets that burst and push the cells apart. Why is this important? Traditional liposuction tools would use the mechanical energy created by moving the cannula back and front. Laser liposuction utilizes a laser beam to disrupt fat cells. The laser beam creates heat energy which literally melts the fat. In doing so they not only melt the fat cells but also destroys them permanently. If you are transferring the fat to another part of your body, such as your buttock, the fat transferred with Laser liposuction is already injured and or dead. Therefore, the fat doesn’t live and overtime your buttock will become smaller as the body removes the dead fat cells.

In contrast to Laser liposuction, VASER energy does not harm the fat cells, but only separates them by creating air pockets. VASER also allows me to target both superficial fat and deep fat. That is one of the most important advantages to VASER liposuction which allows us to unveil muscle highlights such as the male six pack.  In summary, plastic surgery for men is revolutionizing the way males think about their health and body. By just doing a 2 to 4 hour procedure you can gain the confidence you need to step back into the world and achieve your goals. 

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