Testosterone Replacement Therapy –The Pellet Revolution

Testosterone replacement therapy has increased in popularity over the last decade. This is because men are beginning to realize that they too like women go through menopause. Men who have noticed decrease in energy, difficulty sleeping, trouble concentrating, and decrease in libido may in fact experiencing the male version of a menopause. Just like women who may require hormone replacement therapy once they have entered menopause, men across the world are turning to hormone replacement therapy to improve menopause related symptoms. In contrast to women who require a combination of estrogen and progesterone, men may require replacement of testosterone, the male hormone.

So why have men universally not embraced testosterone replacement therapy as their women counterpart. First, it’s because men have feared a traditional pretense that testosterone therapy would result in increased cardiovascular disease. This misconceptions has now been set to rest. In fact, it has been found that correcting lower testosterone resulting in decrease in gut fat, called visceral fat, will have protective effects against cardiovascular disease. Second, diagnosis of low testosterone levels has been muddied by the accepted, wide range of normal testosterone levels. It is actually astounding when you consider the normal levels accepted for 40 to 50 year old males that range from 250 to 900 free testosterone. This means that even if you are found to have a testosterone of 250, you may not be found to require testosterone supplements. The difficulty is that a male with a 800 free testosterone level behaves feels drastically better than a male with 250 free testosterone level. Today, more males are learning that what the medical community considers low normal levels of free testosterone may not be adequate to provide appropriate energy and libido.

So hopefully we now have your attention! To start with testosterone cypionate is the most effective testosterone in the market. Unfortunately, topical applications and oral renditions attempting to increase your own testosterone levels are not effective. Historically, testosterone can only be administered with an injection in the muscle, specifically the gluteus muscle. Intrgluteal injections have been recommended twice a month and typically administered by a health care worker.

So how will you feel once you are on testosterone replacement therapy? You will notice improvement in your sleep and energy levels within 2 weeks. Patients have also observed improvement in virility within one month. Males have also noticed improvement in depressive moods within two months. Finally, patients have observed improvement of their appearance as their abdominal girth and gut fat are reduced after about 6 months of treatment. The reduction of this gut fat, termed visceral fat, has in fact been attributed to decrease in cardiovascular risk.

In summary, testosterone replacement therapy appears to be well tolerated by over 90% of the patients. Furthermore, the cost of testosterone therapy has remained reasonable at 100$ per month.So why have males NOT universally embraced testosterone replacement therapy. There are two main obstacles with traditional testosterone therapies. First, testosterone injections are most often given by your doctor and injected into your gluteal, buttock muscle. This shot is more difficult to give than for example an insulin shot that is just under your skin, and thus patients are more reluctant to give it. The physical constraint of having to go to your doctor’s office every two weeks is definitely a deterrent. To make things worse, there are many advocates that recommend getting your shot even more frequently, once a week. This leads us to the second problem with testosterone therapy being that it is difficult to keep your levels even! The first few days after getting your shot, you will feel almost elated, yet towards the end of the week you will digress because your testosterone levels will fall. This is why more frequent dosing even twice weekly has been postulated although this would be even more tolling.

Fortunately, today we have an effective and seamless means of providing our male clients, continuous testosterone replacement therapy. No more weekly visits to your doctor’s office at the expense of missing work or spending time with your family and friends. No more painful shots in the butt every week. Most importantly, you will have a steady stream of continuous testosterone delivered which means NO more swings in your mood, energy, or libido! Today, due to the advent of technology we can offer you Testosterone replacement therapy in a pellet. The pellet contains not only testosterone but also any other supplements deemed necessary following evaluation of your blood work. The pellet is placed under your skin by our hormone replacement specialist in the office and provides up to 4 months of testosterone supply. This means that you only come to our office three times a year for maintenance. The pellets are biodegradable and slowly reabsorbed by your body thus automatically releasing the appropriate micro-dose of testosterone needed by your body to keep you feeling and performing your best. We encourage you to make a consultation with our hormone replacement specialist today to get your MOJO back!