gynecomastia surgery

Who Does Gynecomastia Surgery?

Who does gynecomastia surgery? Any man who has noticed that his breasts are growing disproportionately to his body is a great candidate to undergo gynecomastia surgery. Male patients who develop gynecomastia will often feel that their chest is looking more feminized. The typical man who complains to me that he is growing man boobs is who does surgery. They will often notice that their chest is rounded in appearance especially around the nipple and areola. They can often pinch the soft tissue prominence that extends beyond their pectoralis muscle especially when flexing their muscles.

Who does gynecomastia surgery? Any male who has growth of the chest region that feels either soft or firm. This is because growth of the chest has two components that include not only fat that feels soft but also glands that feels firm. Both of these excess components can be removed with gynecomastia surgery. The fat can be removed using liposuction that is performed using small and discreetly positioned port holes measuring 5mm or less. Similarly, the glandular tissue can be removed when it is minimal to moderate in size but using a specialized liposuction technique using ultrasound assistance. If the glandular tissue is moderate to severe in size, then it must be directly excised. Patients who desire gynecomastia surgery with a generous glandular component often come to the office with complaints of being able to feel the firm and prominent discoid tissue.

In summary, who does gynecomastia surgery is the patient who has noticed overgrowth of his breast. If you are self conscious about your breasts and don’t feel comfortable taking off your shirt, you should consider gynecomastia surgery. If avoid going to the pool or have noticed your nipples showing through your T-shirts, then we can help you. If you have observed increase in your breast size that is appearing more feminized, we encourage you to make a consultation with our Just4Males expert gynecomastia surgeon today.