Men Developing Gynecomastia

Why Are so Many Men Developing Gynecomastia?

The incidence of gynecomastia has been rising over the last two decades.  Gynecomastia refers to either painless or painful enlargement of the male breast tissue. Most men feel embarrassed about their breasts when their breasts grow disproportionately and become femininized. The interesting question has been, “why are so many men developing gynecomastia?” The answer to this question may surprise you. The culprit is increase in estrogen levels in men. There are two reasons for this. In the United States, the general population is getting heavier. As men gain weight so does their fat content and interestingly, so does their Estrogen levels. Another surprising hypothesis why men are carrying increased estrogen levels has to do with birth control pills! This may sound crazy, but we have to recognize that the water that comes out of our sink or even the bottled water we buy is filtered from our sewers! The fact of the matter is that the increase in gynecomastia over the last few decades correlates with increase use of birth control pills in women.  Yes, you get the picture. When they pee it out, the hormones make it back into your drinking water because medications are not filtered by the city municipalities. The net effect has been contaminating the bodies of men.

Why are so many men developing gynecomastia is no longer a mystery! If you have noticed disproportionate increase in your breasts, then gynecomastia surgery may be your savior. This surgery is performed in a matter of one hour and will result in permanent resolution of your gynecomastia changes. In fact, the number of gynecomastia surgeries being performed annually has increased over the last decade and coinciding with why so many men are developing gynecomastia. If you are interested in gynecomastia surgery, you can make a complimentary virtual consultation to discuss some of the advanced gynecomastia surgeries.